Our scientifically based research allows us to explore how people perceive and experience the world around them. We collect our data using a wide array of techniques, among which eye-tracking combined with other biometrical measurements, surveys, and cognitive behavioral tasks. With the insights obtained from our results, we can help improve the effectiveness of the communication toward your clients and their experience with your product or service. Our expert knowledge enables us to perform the following types of research for you:

User and consumer experience

We are specialised in exploring and improving the user's experience. Our advice can furthermore be of added value for the design of your product and its usability. Next to surveys, which mostly expose conscious decision processes, we use eye movements and biometrical measurements such as heart rate (ECG), skin conductance (GSR) and brain activity (EEG) to study processes that underly our subconscious decisions.

(Visual) communication

The number of screens (computers, smartphones, digital ads) that surround us is constantly increasing. At the same time, other media are also becoming more prominent (roadsigns, classic billboards, etc.) Thorough research can help us design these various streams of information in such a way, that more information is transferred in a more pleasant way. This will be beneficial for both the quality of communication toward the user, as the user's experience.

Store and shelf layout

The attractiveness of a product does not only depend on the design of its wrapper. The place of the product inside the store is also an important factor for the success of its sale. We can determine possible points of improvement for your store layout by analyzing viewing behavior of your clients using eye-tracking while they are physically moving through the store, and combining this with data from surveys. We thus provide advise on the basis of conscious and subconscious processes that influence your clients' in-store buying behavior.

Pictogram and icon evaluation

In combination with other biometric measures, eye movement studies offer valuable insights into how easily and intensively the brain processes the information that is provided. This is invaluable knowledge for people who are responsible for the design and implementation of icons and pictograms, or instruction and information signs (e.g. road signs). By measuring conspicuity, effectivity and correctness of interpretation we can offer direct advise on how to optimize the effectivity of your message.

Online/Offline interaction

Nowadays everyone is often active on multiple devices (e.g. tablets, phones, laptops) at the same time, and frequently they are also interacting with their environment or other people. To effectively study this behavior, it is necessary to perform studies in natural environments. We posess the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct this type of research and write analysis scripts for the complex data that it often yields. We advise you about how your apps, leaflets, etc. interact with the behavior of your client while in the store itself.

Traffic safety

The number of traffic participants is constantly increasing and technological developments are causing big changes on the road. The amount of screens in- and outside vehicles continues to grow (think of navigation- and warning systems) and in the future, the proportion of self-driving cars partaking in traffic will get larger too. All these developments cause (and require) changes in our behaviour, but also dictate that adjustments are made to the environment and vehicles itself to maintain road safety. Our research can help evaluate new designs and study behavioral adaptations to the constantly changing situations on the road.


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