Omdat wij geloven dat er voor elke vraag en situatie een uniek passende oplossing is, werken wij met een flexibel plan van aanpak dat in samenspraak wordt opgesteld. Aan de hand van ons onderzoek en advies, bieden wij waardevolle inzichten in bewuste en onbewuste aspecten van menselijk gedrag.

Onze workflow bestaat uit:
Intake interview without obligations
We always strive to offer the best fitting solution for your research problems and questions. Contact us to explore the numerous methods we of research can offer.
Problem analysis and problem definition
For scientific research and advice it is important to formulate questions in the form of testable hypotheses. We will try to distill the critical pain points of, and possible solutions to your problems. This way, we will formulate the correct problem definition and hypotheses to test your case.
Pilot study / Preliminary research
During our preliminary investigation into your problem, we can conduct desk research, hold interviews with your target audience, perform panel research, and/or a short pilot study. The outcomes of all or some of these investigations determine the most applicable research methods, and design of the main study.
Research design
Our experience in applied and experimental psychology makes research design one of our strongest points. Our design methods allow us to effectively exclude alternative explanations for your questions and quickly converge on an optimal solution. This makes AB-testing superfluous, because we can deliver insights supported by psychological theory, which allow you to make concrete steps in the right direction.
Participant recruitment
In case you want to direct the study to a specific target audience, we can approach this group and recruit paricipants for your research. If on the other hand you want to explore what the most suitable target audience is for your product or service, then we investigate the best matching profile for your clients. It is for instance possible to recruit a group of participants that is representative for the composition of the Dutch society.
Conduct the study and collect data
We conduct the full reseach for you on location at a natural setting, or if desired inside a lab. From planning to execution, in our full-service package we take care of it all.
Data analysis
During the analysis of the data, we make use of the newest scientific insights and validated analysis methods. If required, we will write custom analysis scripts to provide an optimal answer the specific problem definition at hand. To achieve this goal, we among other things make use of computer vision algorithms. If you want to have a look at the raw data yourself to see if you can come up with your own analysis approach, this is of course alos possible.
Written report
With regard to the reporting of the research, there are a wide array of possibilities. Would you rather view your results on an interactive dashboard, or in a written report containing the classic introduction, method, results and discussion section; everything is possible in this regard. In consultation, you can choose the approach that appeals to the most
Scientific publication
We have a lot of experience with publishing articles in prominent scientific journals. Therefore we provide the option to cooperatively publish the research results if this is also your wish. This will contribute to your scientific fundamentals and science itself, and will gain you exposure in the scientific community.
Presentation at location
Would you like your research results to be presented to yourself, your department, or other external parties, then this is of course possible. A spoken explanation of the research report often offers better insights into the results and also provides the possibility to get your questions answered.
Discussing the data
If you would like to dive deeper into certain aspects of the research, the results or advices, then it is possible ot plan extra meetings with our research and/or analysis experts.
In-depth analysis
Possibly, you are interested in a more elaborate specification or closer inspection of certain analyses or aspects of the results. It is also possibe new questions have risen after implementation of the initial advices.
Advice concerning newly risen questions
Research and innovation never stop, so if you would like to perform follow-up research projects based on the obtained insights, then this is of course possible. It is also an option to implement our services in a more cyclical manner into exisiting processes of your company. You can always contact us for discussing further possibilities.


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