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Are you curious whether your communication toward your clients is comprehensible and effective, or how they experience your product? We at Attention Architects aspire to help you with answering these questions. With both innovative and scientifically proven methods, such as eye-tracking and various other biometric measurements, we tap into conscious and unconscious behavior of your target audience. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize the communication toward your customers and the experiences they have with your products or service.

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How do we add value?

Tapping into the unconscious mind

We make 95% of our decisions without awareness. A lot of consumer research still uses traditional methods such as surveys and focus groups, which only expose the 5% of our conscious decisions; only the tip of the ice berg! To obtain a better view of the subconscious processes that underly our decisions, Attention Architects mainly uses biometrical measures such as eye movements, heartbeat intervals, galvanic skin response,and brainwaves. This allows us to determine how your customer experiences your product, and which of its aspects makes them decide whether or not to buy it.

Based on our experience with scientific research and experimental psychology, we can assist you in answering the following questions:
What attracts one's attention?

What attracts one's attention?

How is your information processed?

How is your information processed?

Which factors influence behavior?

Which factors influence behavior?

Which experiences do you invoke?

Which experiences do you invoke?

Scientific research outside of the lab

Visual market research is often still conducted in labs using computers. Results obtained in such synthetical environments often have limited predictive value for how people behave in realistic situations. To improve this predictive validity, we perform research in natural environments. Based on the insights of our research and our directly implementable advice, you can improve the communcation toward your clients and their experience with your service or product.

How do we collect our data?

We combine various biometric measures to get to the bottom of both conscious and subconscious choices, experiences and motivations.
(Mobile) eye-tracking
Gaze patterns can serve as a measure for attention
Cognitive behavioral tasks
Measures of reaction times and accuracy reveal the degree of cognitive load
Surveys offer insights into opinions and conscious choices
Electro cardiogram (ECG)
Heartbeat intervals can be used as indicators for arousal and cognitive load
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
Skin conductance is an indicator for mood and stress levels
Elektro-encefalography (EEG)
EEG brain signals can reveal how well information is processed

Tailor-made solutions

We believe each question and situation requires a unique and fitting solution, and that's why we work with a flexible approach that fits your case. Guided by our research we offer valuable insights into conscious and un of subconscious aspects of human behaviour to drive innovation and streamline your strategy.


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