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How does your audience experience your product or service?

We are here to help you find out. With innovative and scientifically proven methods, we are able to assess conscious and nonconscious behavior, helping us gain valuable insights for potential optimalisations that enhance the attractiveness or conspicuity of your product.

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Why not just ask them?

Surveys and interviews are still the most used methods to assess people’s opinions and experiences. Even though they can deliver valuable data, the given responses are likely subject to one or more response biases. Moreover, these introspective methods only assess one’s conscious experiences, but can’t tell anything about subconscious reactions to your product or service.

How we obtain our insights

Our recommendations are always centered around data. Besides surveys, we use a variety of other methods to collect the required data, which we process using techniques originating from cognitive neuropsychology.


People often don’t tell what they really think, or do what they say. Physiological responses are less ambiguous. Most people are not capable of consciously regulating their bodies’ reaction to an external stimulus. That’s why we use various biometrical measures to uncover how someone really experiences something.

Eye tracking
Facial expressions
Heartrate (ECG)
Skin response (GSR)

Large-scale online behavioral tests

Behavioral tests deliver insights based on implicit measures such as reaction times or accuracy scores. We use these types of tests at a large scale in an online setting, enabling many people to participate on their computers at home. In a short period of time, we collect statistically sound data for thorough evaluations of your target audience.

What we can do for you

With our research we can contribute knowledge about your target audience in various areas of interest. How does your audience experience your products, and what drives them to their decisions to buy or not buy them? These are all valuable questions to answer if you want to determine the optimal placement and presentation of your products.

Improve product placement
Product placement on shelves or in stores is of utmost importance for its performance. We can pinpoint areas of improvements with thorough consumer research.
Evaluate package designs
A well-designed package is conspicuous, attractive and informative. Let us determine if your package meets these demands with your target audience.
Test advertisements
An ad should put your product or message in a positive daylight. Using neuromarketing we can see if your ad succeeded in this area.
Literature studies
Sometimes new research is unnecessary because existing literature already provides all the answers. We can efficiently answer your questions with a literature study.
Evaluate wayfinding
Bad signage quickly causes frustration. We determine if your wayfinding can be optimized, such that people arrive at their destination comfortably and efficiently .
In case you have a running investigation, or want to start your own, we provide you with advise based on our expertise in cognitive neuropsychology.

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